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hOURNZ.org facilitates requests to match-make time-donors to meet vital community or individual needs for talents, skills, resources, and wellbeing.

Registered volunteers may donate a helping hand to people seeking assistance. No debt is established; on the other hand, the recipient is encouraged to reciprocate when able and become a time-donor.

The receiver has their wellbeing enhanced because the Timebank community records each volunteer hour and everyone have something to offer. Akin to a blood-donor who may pay forward or simply contribute to the health and wellbeing of the wider community!


Member A shares their skill of gardening with Member B by working in B’s garden for two hours. A earns two “time credits” for her work.


Member A uses her time credits to have Member C drive her to the airport.


Now, Member B has his gardening done, Member A made it to the airport on time, and Member C now has time credits to use for help with tax paperwork.

Having vibrant, healthy, interconnected New Zealand communities, which are acknowledged as the life force of our country. 

Time-banking is a relatively new concept to New Zealand.  It facilitates the sharing of skills between its members, both individuals and community groups. hOURNZ creates and promotes well-being, helping communities flourish and thrive. 

hOURNZ activity is measured by the time it takes to complete a piece of work. Everyone’s time is considered equal. Time donor has many unique features that strengthen the fabric of society, building up the nonmarket economy by initiating shifts in our collective way of thinking.


Time-donor is a way of gifting skills in a community. Every member of our community has valuable talents and abilities to offer. 

allows you to record and swap these talents with others in a non-monetary system.

Time-donors share their skills and abilities with other members within their community and are given “time-credits” for the contribution they make. With the credits they gain, each member can request someone else’s time and get the services they need.

Strengthen communities 

It creates and promotes well-being, helping communities flourish and thrive. It’s about having vibrant, healthy, interconnected New Zealand communities, which are acknowledged as the life force of our country.


It attracts people who might not normally be interested in traditional volunteer work and, therefore, creates a large network of unconditional sharing and care between neighbors and members.

Harness mutual support

It offers not only a sense of belonging that benefits everyone but provides much-needed help to the community. From small to large tasks, everyone can be supported by and support others with their own skills and talents.

Skill shares

It allows members to learn from one another and share skills and talents that normally would not be used. It creates classrooms outside of schools and learning opportunities in everyday lives.

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