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Dunedin TimeBank is a sharing community who collaborate with each other and with the wider Dunedin/Ōtepoti community to meet needs for talents, skills, resources, and wellbeing.

Our volunteers donate their time to people seeking assistance. No debt is established: the recipient is simply encouraged to give back into the community if/when they are able to.

Our member website lets our volunteers list what they are offering and what they would like assistance with and in this way members can find people to meet their needs and people needing what they are offering.


Non-profit organisations can also be members and through this they can access a pool of community volunteers. People who already volunteer for organisations may join and get assistance from others within the Dunedin TimeBank community.


Member ‘A’ shares their skill of gardening with Member ‘B’ by working in their garden for two hours.


Member ‘A’ gets Member ‘C’ to drive her to the airport.


Now, Member ‘B’ has his gardening done, Member ‘A’ made it to the airport on time, and Member ‘C’ can draw on any of the skills and talents on offer whenever she needs.

Having vibrant, healthy, interconnected communities are the life force of our country.


Timebanking facilitates the sharing of skills between members and with the wider local community.

Dunedin TimeBank creates and promotes wellbeing, helping our community flourish and thrive. 


Timebanking activity is measured by the time it takes to complete a piece of work, and everyone’s time is considered equal. Timebanking has many unique features that strengthen the fabric of society by initiating shifts in our collective way of thinking about what activities are considered valuable.


Timebanking is a way of gifting skills in a community. Every member of our community has valuable talents and abilities to offer.

Dunedin TimeBank
allows you to share these talents with others without paying money for the time given and received. The time is recorded through the Dunedin TimeBank website so that we know about the kinds of positive impacts we are having in the community. Although hours are recorded, there is no requirement to ‘pay back’ hours received. Instead, ‘paying forward’ is encouraged. There is no requirement to ‘earn’ someone else’s time before you can receive assistance and there is no penalty for having received more than you have given, because we recognise that some people have more to give and some people have greater needs, and that this can change over time. We also know that giving benefits the giver as well as the receiver, as long as there is reciprocity available within the community and the giver is able to ask for assistance and have their needs met as well.

Strengthen communities 

It creates and promotes wellbeing, helping communities flourish and thrive. It’s about having a vibrant, healthy, interconnected local community.


It attracts people who might not normally be interested in traditional volunteer work and, therefore, creates a large network of unconditional sharing and care between members.

Harness mutual support

It offers not only a sense of belonging that benefits everyone but provides much-needed help to the community. From small to large tasks, everyone can be supported by and support others with their own skills, talents and time.

Skill sharing

It allows members to learn from one another and share skills and talents that normally would not be used. It creates classrooms outside of schools and learning opportunities in everyday lives.

Sound interesting? Want to know more or get involved right now?

Get connected with your local community and start giving and receiving time, skills and talents! Membership is free of charge. We appreciate a donations where possible.

If you have questions or are interested in knowing more, please contact us.

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